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Additional Young Band Music (Gr. 3)

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    Here is an interesting version of America that is useful for any patriotic occasion.

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    This is a snappy arrangement of three seldom heard cowboy songs; The Tenderfoot, Night Herding Song, and Little Joe, The Wrangler. It is an excellent concert piece, rewarding for both players and audiences alike.

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    Solid and straight forward describe this snappy Mitch Bender March. It's a pleasure to play and suitable for concert, festival or contest.

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    This interesting original by Mitchell Bender is dedicated to the Kiser Junior High School Band. It was performed at the Mid-West International Band and Orchestra Conference in Chicago and is great for young players with intermediate ability.

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    Tacos is a delicious flute solo with band accompaniment. Written in a Latin style, it provides a slick background to showcase your young player. This tasty choice can really spice up your concert.

Set Descending Direction

5 Item(s)