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for Intermediate French Horn
Greg Kerkorian
Product Description

This method book is carefully designed for balance and efficiency in the presentation of information, drills and etudes. Understanding the layout of the book is important for assigning lesson material to players with varying abilities.

The book has two pages of scale & chord exercises in each key. They face each other; a left and right page. The content of these two pages contains exercises to establish reliable fingering patterns. There is a performance piece at the end written in the key being studied. The next two pages present new subject matter. These pages also face each other and include material to enhance knowledge and playing ability. Each new detail learned is reinforced in pages that follow.




Warmups - found throughout

Pattern exercises in each key - presented throughout

New notes - presented throughout

Bass Clef

5/4 time

32nd notes

The dot and double dot

16th note patterns in 8th note time signatures including dotted rhythms

The modern grace note (three forms)

Older forms of the grace note including historical information and performance traditions

The mordent with performance variations

Old notation

The turn and it’s variations

Key signatures and Recognizing key changes

Transposition by interval

Upper range development

Trills, half step & whole step. Includes fingering charts

Irregular & changing meters

Tonguing length & style

Double and triple tonguing

Muted & stopped horn

Fingering chart



Private Lessons


MEASURES for Intermediate French Horn is a direct continuation of information found in MEASURES for Beginning French Horn. Bridging the Gap is designed to consolidate and enhance information and skills learned in the beginning book so that the student’s physical abilities can catch up to his knowledge. The three books together are powerful.


Remedial Help for College Performers


College horn majors often enter school without thorough preparation. MEASURES For Intermediate French Horn can be used for review and to bring them up to speed.


Group Lessons in Public or Private School


Group lessons in a public or private school setting can be approached like private lessons except that easier etudes should be played together, and fast or ornate exercises should be played individually.


Class Lessons

Horn Lessons for Future Band & Orchestra Directors &

Horn as a Second Instrument


The clarity of our books makes them appropriate for French horn pedagogy in group settings. Not only will prospective teachers understand the information, they will also have a practical resource to rely on in their own teaching. As with all group lessons, faster or ornate etudes should be played individually.