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1. Send to us a list of your friends, relatives and professional acquaintances who might be interested in purchasing your publication. The list should include their name, email address, music organization, or reason they might be interested in the music. We will add them to our mailing list.

2. If you have two or three publications in print, you should consider having a business card made. Give it to other professionals you meet who might have an interest in your music.

 3. Visit all music stores in your area that might carry your publication and show your music to the owner or buyer. Mention that you have friends in the area who might be interested in the music and ask if they would display the music in their store. If they show interest in the product, give their name and phone number to us. We will refer them to our sole selling agent, Ludwig/Masters Publications.

4. If your music is suitable for state activities, contact members of your county, state, or other professional organization who might have an interest. In a friendly manner, ask them how your music might be included in activities such as reading sessions, all county and all state concerts, and be placed on contest and festival lists. This is especially helpful with handbell music publications. Large gatherings of players will create a demand for your music if it is selected for performance.

If you know people on state selection committees, send a copy of your publication to them with a polite note requesting that your music be considered for the state contest list. We will submit your publication to contest committees when committee lists are sent to us.

5. If you are in a position to organize reading sessions, concerts, or other such activities, be sure to include your own music on the program when appropriate.

6. Become active and known in your professional organization. Many purchases are made simply because a buyer recognizes your name.

7. Go to music conventions and try to meet people who might have an interest in your music or who might buy it for their organizations. 

8. Make contacts and keep them. Frequent music chat rooms and social media sites on the internet. Send thank-you notes and holiday cards. Always speak kindly of your contacts and performances that feature your music. Being a good politician and kind individual will help your cause.

9. If you have occasion to travel abroad, go to music stores in the cities you visit and show them your scores. Your trip will become a deductible business expense and you might start to be known internationally. Be sure to leave your business card and something with our address on it. A promotion left in a store will sometimes generate an inquiry.

10. If you have access to email addresses of directors in your state, kindly pass those on to us so that we can promote your publications directly by email.

Remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, but too much oil can make a mess. Good luck!