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for Beginning French Horn
Greg Kerkorian


Product Description


Band directors often use band methods which are written so that all instruments can play in unison. These band methods require horn students to start on tones too difficult for beginners in order to perform with the group. That is why horn teachers should use a beginning method written exclusively for the French horn.

MEASURES for Beginning French Horn provides a comprehensive presentation of subject matter with clarity and in logical sequence. The approach to teaching rhythm is traditional with equal attention given to counting beats in order to accommodate students with agile cerebral abilities, and toe tapping for students more sensitive to a physical stimulus. There is emphasis on precise rhythms as well as playing musically.

Information in MEASURES for Intermediate French Horn continues sequentially from the beginning book. Bridging the Gap is intended to be used between the beginning and intermediate books in order to enhance and consolidate information and to help students to mature physically before progressing to the intermediate method.




Parts of the horn

Tone production

Basic elements - presented throughout

Various time signatures - presented throughout

Whole notes, half notes & quarter notes with rests

Review pages - presented throughout

Understanding the time signature - A unique page to clarify time signatures.

Rhythm Lines - presented throughout to continue the understanding of time signatures

Eighth notes & rests

Dotted notes


Minor keys & minor scales with variations

Compound time

Enharmonic notes

Chromatic movement

Sixteenth notes and patterns

The dotted eighth & sixteenth

Dotted notes

Warm-up exercises

The triplet

First transpositions



There is so much information included in MEASURES for Beginning French Horn, that it is not practical to list each item. Click on the links to discover how material is presented.




Private Lessons


MEASURES for beginning French Horn should be used for private lessons. It is superior to a band method horn book because it is written exclusively for the horn. The method is part of a three method series including BRIDGING THE GAP and MEASURES for Intermediate French Horn. Together the three books are powerful and offer a complete course for learning the French horn.


Group Lessons in Public or Private School


Group lessons in a public or private school setting can be approached like private lessons except that easier etudes should be played together, and fast or ornate exercises should be played individually.


Class Lessons


Horn as a Second Instrument


The clarity of our books makes them appropriate for French horn pedagogy in group settings. Not only will prospective teachers understand the information, they will also have a practical resource to rely on in their own teaching.